Lovely episode, Katie. I love your creative work. The mushrooms are really beautiful and together would make a great poster. Seperately, they would lovely as a cover for a small notebook or sketchbook?

However, I am totally smitten with the little fern drawings on your moodboard. Can't wait to see wat you will do with those



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Sep 19, 2022·edited Sep 19, 2022

Hello Katie :) I am delighted to see this newsletter! Your drawings of mushrooms are beautiful. It looks like some are illuminated from within or are phosphorescent, thanks to your paint effects and the black background. I really like ! And the photo of the thin yellow mushroom intrigues me a lot. Do you know his name?

In my region, I come across amanitas from time to time. I hope you will have the joy of discovering one, during one of your walks.

Have a nice day and I look forward to discovering your new knitting designs. Fingers crossed for your move to your new home !

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