Amazing Katie!!, Christmas presents abound, including for myself 🥰

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Katie Green. You Are The Best. I look forward to hearing from you and when I do, wow. I must have lived another life in England. My parents were English and Welsh and...well, I love everything about your designs, your images, you and Jack.

Thanks so much for all of your inspirations.

Dave in Virginia

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Nov 2, 2022·edited Nov 2, 2022

Hello Katie :)

Wow !!! You haven't been idle! Everything is splendid and so well thought out, I love it! that's a lot of exclamation points but... it's so beautiful!!! Cheer !

P.S.: Will it be possible to buy your patterns in pdf format? The booklets are beautiful but I'm afraid that the shipping costs to my country are a little too high for me... :'(

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